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The Project

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Since a long time I am interested in photography. Starting with an analog SLR in the mid 80’s, I have gradually transitioned to digital photography.
Coming a long way from post processing to printing and framing, I have collected prints of various styles, subjects and from many different locations.
Why not share these photographs, the stories behind them and my experience in this exciting subject? This is how I went online.

Please have a look at my
pictures sorted by themes. I am more than happy to receive feedback and comments.

The Photographs

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The photographs were taken along many trips, family vacations, spontaneous excursions or during some photography workshops.

A few photographs were planned a long time ahead like the pictures taken inside Grand Central Terminal in New York. A couple of years ago I had seen pictures of public places such as stations, concert halls etc taken with long exposure times on large format film. These photographs were taken up to hours of exposure to blur out any people moving across the scenes. I found this a fascinating project. So I took my tripod and a new toy (24 mm tilt and shift lens) into the local train station in Basel to test this out before flying to New York last autumn. Not five minutes after I had put up my tripod I had two security guys next to me starting to chat and asking for my permission to take these pictures… Well this was the time I started wondering whether a permit would also be a good idea in Grand Central Terminal! Funny enough I went to the Swiss Station Master in Basel and he was happy to give me a permit right away as this was for personal use only. So the security guys and I had a chat over a 20 min exposure on photography, camera equipment etc… I managed to get a permission for Grand Central Terminal (that was a bit more elaborate than the signed business card of the station master in Basel) and off I went. The main concourse inside the Grand Central Terminal was a great place to photograph and I met a lot of people who started chatting and dancing actually in front of my lens once they realized that they did not screw up the picture as any movement was blurred out during the course of the 30 minute exposure!

The Prints

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Recently I have started printing and framing my photographs for myself (sorry to my wife) and my family. Likewise I use to print greeting cards with individual subjects in various formats. Check this out if you are interested. I am happy to provide pictures in full resolution, as prints, greeting cards or even mounted and framed if you are interested.